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Sarah Ratcliff Solutions – Learning, Development and Performance

The story…

Sarah Ratcliff is the 2020 Gold Award Winner of Learning Professional of the Year with the Learning and Performance Institute. She has 19 years of experience and keeps people and how they learn at the forefront of every learning initiative. She recognises the importance of engagement, learning experience whilst delivering the commercial needs of the business. It is her fascination with the motivation and mindset of human beings that has created her own success story.

Sarah Ratcliff Solutions – Services

Webinars and online learning

Sarah designs, creates and delivers the most amazing webinars and online training and learning programmes that are both motivational, inspirational.

Training packages

Sarah loves to help people learn and offers Learning and Development training programmes that are both specific and bespoke to your needs.


Sarah helps organisations develop their teams through consultancy to be more effective and successful. Eighteen years of experience says it all.

PRISM brain mapping

Sarah has created two great PRISM Brain Mapping courses that will help you grow and develop your career. These one-to-one courses are all about you.

Motivational speaking

Sarah has experience of delivering motivational speeches to groups and organisations as well as at national conferences, online and video.

Video presentations

Sarah’s bubbly personality makes the delivery of video-based sales and learning and development sessions to your team special and successful.

The benefits of working with Sarah

Sarah will engage and drive performance for your business. Using the latest theories in learning, Sarah will ensure that the business needs are met and she will work in a partnership with you to really understand what makes your business tick.  

She will explore all avenues to find solutions which fit your budget,  business needs and have a positive outcome for all involved.

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About Sarah

Sarah is based in Staffordshire with her family which includes the four-legged kind. Her love of learning and behaviour change comes from working with horses and the reactive response that your actions can have on another. She loves the outdoors and is known to bake which can be a real plus if you work with her. Read more

What Sarah does…

Sarah will work in partnership with you and your business to fully understand your business needs to create optimum performance.  From that point she will offer solutions which look far beyond training… Read more

Working with Sarah

For Learning and Development to be truly successful a collaborative partnership must be established. Solutions will result in an organisational strategy based upon the workforce capabilities, skills or competencies required, and how these can be developed to increase performance… Read more.


Let’s get connected

If you would like to speak with Sarah and discover how you can build your People Potential and drive performance, get in touch using any of the methods below.

Contact Sarah:

Telephone: 07740 290133

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