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Working with Sarah…

For Learning and Development to be truly successful a collaborative partnership must be established. Solutions will result in an organisational strategy based upon the workforce capabilities, skills or competencies required, and how these can be developed to increase performance

Sarah will ask the right questions to understand the needs of your learners based on capabilities, skills, infrastructure and the objectives of your business to find the right solutions to motivate and engage learners to realise their performance potential.

What we have learnt in this time:

  • Collaborating at the start of every conversation is key,
  • Consulting with L&D can result in useful resource which take away barriers,
  • Continue to reflect, assess and pivot if necessary,
  • Utilise SME where possible to create interest,
  • Engagement on every level makes a difference,
  • Learning is also about communication,
  • Make it easy for them.

Case Study: Thinking differently, brings success

Sarah tells us how, by thinking differently, she has been able to bring success at a time of great  uncertainty during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

At start of this year we hit a huge bump in the road which has rocked not only UK business, but the world. Ann Summers was no different. Our retail shops closed almost overnight, the offices ground to a halt and panic rose amongst our self-employed teams of Party Ambassadors.

Quickly it was realised that we had an opportunity and a unique offer of joining as an Ambassador was offered for free. So what happened… recruitment went crazy. We had joined up another 1000 ladies overnight and, that number kept growing. From the start of lockdown at the end of March to just 8 weeks later, we had taken our Ambassador numbers from 4,000 Ambassadors to 16,000.

The challenge for Learning and Development (me) was to then to ensure that these ladies, who had potentially joined on a whim, was to give them the right skills and ability to be able to sell products, understand marketing, build relationships, present to others virtually and understand social media so that they could run their own business.

Immediately a plan was put into action, harnessing the skills of already running online delivery. Additional sessions for new started were put into play; daily meetings were held to ensure that leadership teams were collaborating effectively and we able to react quickly to challenges.

To support the fast growing numbers, more training was written to transition our Party teams into the world and opportunity of online parties. Social learning was embraced, creating discussions and supporting teams to get the information they needed when they needed it. Coming together with operations, we were able create resources which made their roles easier and which then took away some barriers to success. We wrapped our arms around our people and did everything we could to help them be successful, to make their business easier and the results we had were huge.”

The business base increased by 239% and sales increased during this time by 274%.